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My Story!

Like all good stories, mine started around food and a family that loved to eat. We are all foodies and venturing into the kitchen to cook has always just felt like normal extension. Aai (mom) encouraged my experiments from rock solid cakes to soggy bhels. She allowed me a free hand in her kitchen and her shop – Gruhini Vastu Bhandar in Kolhapur, where she continues to make some amazing sweet and savoury snacks, spice blends and goodies on a daily basis. Roasting spices, QA the finished products (obviously by tasting most of it) and collecting cash at the shop were my favourite pastimes and I have well and truly grown up with spices!!

My studies took me to America, where I explored other international cuisines. Finally settling in Australia, I discovered many of the authentic asian flavours and the amazing produce of Australia as well. I had no idea, my love affair with food would take me on a wild ride. It started with my appearance on Masterchef Australia and has been going on since. I am enjoying every minute of it including visiting places, meeting people and doing all sorts of events I’d never thought of. Many of you have been wanting to know what I am up to. I regularly post updates to the Facebook fan page, so please like the page to see how this story continues to unfold – https://www.facebook.com/RishiDesai.Masterchef
If you live in the twitter/instagram universe my handle is @rishidesaii.

Thank you for the overwhelming support and your messages here, as well as elsewhere on the social media. I will try my best to reply, but if I don’t get a chance, please know that I do read them all and greatly appreciate them. They energise me and tell me that I am on the right track.
Much Love,

Masterchef Intro video