My Story!

You are probably here because you have seen me around on Masterchef Australia 2013…so my story is best told by Masterchef Intro video below.

Thank you for the overwhelming support and your messages here, as well as elsewhere on the social media.

I will try my best to reply…but if I don’t get a chance to write back to you, please know that I do read them all and greatly appreciate them.

They energise me and tell me that I am on the right track.

Many of you have been wanting to know what I am up to.

I regularly post updates to the Facebook fan page, so please like the page to keep in touch –

If you live in the twitter/instagram universe my handle is #rishidesaii.

Much Love, Rishi

Masterchef Intro video


  1. Neha Chaudhary

    Hey Rishi,
    This is Neha Chaudhary from Delhi. M a rellllli big fan of yours. M.C.A Season 5 is being broadcast here now n although m not a big TV person..its the only thing i watch. Man, I luv ur work. Anyways i was just checking out ur video (intro) n it says “THE UPLOADER HAS NOT MADE THIS VIDEO AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY” :( :'(
    i hope its just a glitch.

    keep up d gr8 work

    loads of luck n luv

    Neha :*

    • Thanks for writing in Neha…I am a bit late on the reply, but MCA has not made the video available outside of Australia. Sorry about that.

  2. Venkatraman Nagarajan

    Hey Rishi!!! Hope you are doing good. First of all, I am really feeling very very sad to know that you were eliminated from the MC. I didn’t know that until today, was thinking the telecast going on in India now is the on going one, little I knew it all got over in first of Sep itself.

    I am not exaggerating, I started watching the MC just because of you and your attitude in one of the earlier episodes (Children’s week, you had prepared a free style which the kids liked a lot). What an attitude you have sir, hats off. The captaincy you showcased in the episode where you were cooking for the Univ students, awesome!!

    All the best for your future endeavours. Once again, hats off to your Attitude, keep smiling…

    • Thanks V. Cooking for kids was challenging but fun at the same time.

    • Rupica

      Hi Rishi
      U were absolutely mind blowing in the show and i am ur big fan .. U were the strongest of the final four n undeserved to be there more then them but thats ok because for me u are the winner. :)
      Best of luck Rishi u will achieve great heights !

  3. Viller Villa

    You are awesome brother. Im your fan from Bangalore, India. You really deserved to win the title but the judges showed reall partiality and its really infuriating me.. Im damn pissed off with the fact that Emma the crying machine and Samira who serves raw meat many a times are still there and you are out. You are still the best, take heart and go forward. You’ll surely make success.
    All the best man, my prayers are always with you.
    Viller Villa.

    • Thank you for the best wishes Viller..

      • Pronita Roy

        Hi Rishi !! This is Pronita from Mumbai, I am currently watching the MCA season 5 in India. I have to say that the best thing that i liked about your work is your attitude towards all the challenges week by week. Its amazing show of courage, determination and focus. This attitude will take you to great heights.. All the best for all your future endeavours. Loved watching you in Masterchef…you will do wonders…was really sad to know that you didnt win…:(

      • Avneesh kumar

        Hi Rishikesh! I am a huge fan of yours and was really impressed with the skills, the confidence, the perseverance and clarity of thoughts that u have shown all through the competition. Best part about u was the sheer coolness and composure that u project even through the most gruelling times in the Masterchef. I am sure u are the same in all endeavours in life. I have been following the programme because of u and will stop watching it soon cos in the Indian telecast u are going to be eliminated. We live in Bahrain but we are Indian citizens. Do u think that partiality from the judges was the reason u were eliminated. Did racial discrimination play a part? I wish u al the very best in all ur future endeavours.
        May God always keep u smiling. P.S. we love ur smile.

      • Chitra Prathap

        we really like your attitude Rishi and creativity.
        You were handling pressure better than others.
        Its really sad to see you get eliminated. We really thought you would be winning the show.
        I am really not convinced with the Judges
        My little daughter Varsha stopped seeing the program further seeing you go.

        Wish you all the best in your career.

  4. George Meijer

    Unfortunately the video doesn’t support playback in the Netherlands. Just saw the episode where you were eliminated, such a shame! Really thought you would be the 2013 winner. Hope you’ll succeed in realizing your dreams. I’ve never cooked indian food myself but if you publish a book, I will. Wish you all the best!

    • Haha, thanks George..then you better get ready to cook Indian food, coz my book is coming early next year ;)

  5. I like the way you focus,you show confidence and leadership while making all the dishes.I just now came to know that Emma won the MC, To tell you the truth I was hoping that either you or Lynton should’ve won it. I like Lynton too, he seems very kind and simple person.I really don’t like samira. Anyways WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.The video isn’t working.

    • Thanks Juee. Sorry the video is not supported outside of Australia for some reason.

      • akanksha

        hey Rishi….namaste
        the country is very proud of you because you have reproduced many great indian delicacies
        please do reply and traditionally to which state of india do you belong??
        i guess its gujarat
        i am from odisha

  6. Prabhjot Arora

    Hi Rishi. I have stopped watching Masterchef after your elimination. I want to wish you all the very best for your future endeavour. I am excited to know about ur future cooking plans :-)

    PS I am from Haryana India.

  7. sonam raj

    I am your fan from Delhi :)
    We love your cooking and its sad that you are out of Master chef .
    I doubt if i would watch any more episodes now that you are not in it :/ .It was great to see a “super cute” desi talent on Master chef.
    I am not much of a cook but i am a foodie for sure..knowing that your book will be out ..i might try my hands on some cooking as well :)

    All the best :)

  8. Upasana Gogoi

    Hello Rishi! I watch Masterchef solely because of you. I am totally in love with your style of cooking. Oh, and I was mindblown when I came to know that you are an MIT Pune Polymer Engg alumnus. I graduated this year (Petroleum Engg) and I can now say proudly that I went to MIT because of you!
    Love you. Stay blessed and keep rocking!

  9. Jinal Sarvaiya

    I sooo agree with watever everyones said earlier!! Ur jus unbelievably awesome! Genuinely watched this season only for u n here I came to know emma won this time:P however ur clearly the winner for most of the ppl watching the show! Its actually inspiring watching u pursue ur passion like that! Rish ur jus too good always be the same n open up restaurants in mumbai soonnnnn!!!! PS: do something abt the video!! Love the show, special mention love george-too cute!! Loads of love n good wishes :-*

  10. Jinal Sarvaiya

    Also ur journey on the show has been sooo commendable! For most contestants it was more about learning but it almost felt like for u it was about displaying ur already abundantly present skills!! One powerhouse of talent and at the same time so humble so confident so positive!! Lots to learn from u!

  11. Heeeyyyy Rishi !
    I’m a big fan of yours your simply the best cook from sub continent . Rish u deserved the title . :) your so awesome coook best of luck for ur future . I am a big fan of you from pak . Luv u bits xxxxxxxxx . And god bless u with ur future plans . Keeee enjoying and keep cooking pls do cum pak as well :) . You rock rishi pls keep us updated we want to follow ur dreams
    Your biiiiiig fan
    Adaaaan :)

  12. Tanisha Gairola Kestwal

    Hi !! Rishi You were terrific on Masterchef Australia. I was following MA only for you..I really was hoping you will win..but no worries you are winner for us. We love you so much. This video is not available in India and I am so sad but hopefully will get to see it someother time. All the best!

  13. Priti Kumari

    Hey Rishi ! This is Priti here from Pune.I would really appreciate if you could post some of yours recipes so that I can try my hand on it.I love your work.I really hope you win MCA. Good luck :)

  14. Shambhavi Sakri

    hey rishi,
    My name is Shambhavi Sakri and even I just completed polymer engineering from MIT this august.
    Your food looks amazing :)

  15. Hey Rishi.. I m a big fan of urs… Hails from Mumbai… I watch masterchef juzz bcoz of u… i m in awe of ur cooking techniques, especially in #HestonWeek :D… My class ends at 9 at night, n i used to pray God plzz leave me as early as possible so that i can catch masterchef… Saw on wikipedia dat Emma is winner :( Bt U r my inspiration… (y) Best Of Luck for ur future… :)

  16. Heena Gupta

    Hi Rishi,

    I am a big fan. I think I speak for every Indian who watches MCA when I say “We are very proud of you!!!”. MCA is the only tv I watch (its currently being broadcasted in India) and I keep telling everyone about what a perfectionist you are, clear, organized and what a fantastic team leader . Every elimination I pray that you remain safe. And my heart just got broken knowing you were eliminated. What a Shame. That’s it, I am off Master Chef.

    Looking forward to see and hear more about you..probably cook books or your own cook show. May you achieve all your goals. Best Wishes.


  17. Ojaswini Marathe

    Rishi Desai,
    Hi I’m Ojaswini from Dehradun…..
    Its just because of you that I can’t miss a single episode of MCA 5….
    You’re confidence in yourself is quite inspiring….
    I swear I cried the day you got eliminated….
    You Rock….:) :)

  18. ponung mize

    Heyyyyyyy rishi…i keep telling my husband tht if i hv a son or a daughter …my son or my son in law shud be like u:):)…u r supercool,a great cook with a great personality. M so sad ..i accidentaly saw the news of u being eliminated n yup like others nt going to watch anymore..why why…:(:(.used to watch mca only fr u..but anyways wishing u success fr ur n ke3p updating okie:).

    • Thank you.That is so very flattering. You should still watch the series you know…It remains interesting till the end.

      • ponung mize

        Yup hv to watch since i hvnt told my hubby tht u gt eliminated…exactly around 5 mins to 9 he informs me tht mca is about to start..i dnt want to dishearten him:):).but i aint going to watch the final nope …..r u planning to open a restaurant in india..m from arunachal pradesh…hope u hv heard about this small state.:)i like christina too…i dnt know why it happened this time but every chef i favoured always won incuding the kids:(but its a great show n i love the judges.hey thnks fr the reply.

  19. Hi Rishi!

    I’m Dan, a professional chef from the UK.

    You rock!

    Best wishes.

  20. varsha acharya

    Rishi, u rock!! I am frm mumbai and i watch the current season only for u. Ur culinary skills are par excellence. keep up the gud work.

  21. hi rishi i am a very big fan of you and i am from visakhapatnam which is in the state of andhara pradesh i am really impressed with your style of cooking and at sharp 9 pm i am hooked to the tv to see m c a just now i have seen the news in net that you where eliminated i felf very sad i wish you could have kept you imunity still the end you used it immediately you are a very great person and a great chef you will be a great person even though you didnt win the title you only struggled in your dessert making and both times it was the ice cream that was the negative in your cooking episodes i wish you all the good luck and best wishes to you for your future life all the best in your life
    satish nuli

  22. Radhika

    Hi Rishi, I’m a huge fan of yours and MC and have been watching it through all the seasons. In MC 5 you stood head and shoulders above the rest. Its just so unfortunate that you got eliminated towards the end cause I think you were the deserving. Its especially heartening to see an Indian contestant having such a wide repertoire and I absolutely loved your confidence and skill levels in the show. Wish you all the very best on your culinary career and here’s hoping that you get the rewards deserving of your skills ! :)

    PS: One question..why does Kelty call you Rishikesh ??? :)

  23. Mahek Mirchandani

    You are a great cook Rishi. I enjoy watching u cook. It fills me with pride to see an Indian contestant go through all those challenges and last so long in the world’s most loved cooking show. You’ve shown great determination and skills. Hope u continue being an inspiration to all the Indians all over the world. All the best for your future endeavours. Follow your dreams! :)

    -Mahek :)

  24. Hey,
    I’m a huge fan of yours from Delhi. Its really disheartening to know that you didn’t win. I mean you were perfect!
    The show is being aired in India but till now we’re at the point of the top 9.
    Honestly even though the episodes are old I still keep praying that you don’t get eliminated.
    I hope you open up your restaurant in Delhi soon.
    All the very best :)

  25. Siddharth Gadre

    Hello, I am Siddharth from Kolhapur, India. Big fan. I have been following MCA since it’s first season. I dont cook but love to see the show and watch others cook. Very proud of you.

  26. manoj Agrawal

    Hi Rishi , this is Manoj, I am a very big fan of you, who is your favourite indian chef ?

  27. Hi Rishi!
    I am disappointed to know that you got eliminated from Master Chef.

  28. Hey Rishi, it’s great watching you on Masterchef. You exude so much of confidence and positive energy. Just want to know one thing- how did you manage to master such a wide repertoire of dishes? You have really done India proud with your skills in the kitchen..Looking forward to your book.
    – Malati.

  29. U will not believe that I just told my fiance I’d love to meet Rishi n train under him if possible! He found out that u here! In Bombay!!! I found the workshop! So can’t wait to meet u! Tho they are overbooked! I’ll still get space to stand so.that’s good! You r an absolute rockstar! Can’t wait to meet u at Bandra tmw!

  30. Amit Sethi

    Hi Rishi!

    You video is not available outside Australia. :-(
    We really enjoyed watching you here in India. You are an inspiration to youth over here.
    Best wishes and good luck for all your future endeavors.

    Amit Sethi

  31. suvarna

    hi rishi! I’m a big fan of yours and i don’t miss a single episode of MSA, i wish to know when are you coming to pune and what will be the venue and time.
    Please Reply!

  32. Manasi Peshave

    hey Rishiii…. i’m ur biggg fan.. u r such a clever cook.. i was wishing n hoping u to win MCA5 considering ur performances br more becoz u r Marathi ;) bt anyway u r a gr8 chef.. u delivered gr8 food and i wish u all the best fr ur future.. i just pray to God..anytym in life we dat i can get ur auto-photograph :P

  33. vydoorya nagesh

    Hey rishi….
    this is vydoorya from bangalore… watch you cook is just a treat to the eyes…. your just tooo awesome.. your the reason I got some interest in cooking… and not to forget, you have the most charming smile… love it.. all d best rishi:-)
    Loads of love

  34. sonam raj

    Hey Rishi,

    Disappointed that you din’t cook in Delhi :(, was looking forward to your visit to Delhi .

    Next time u that we also get a chance to meet u :) like all the lucky mumbaikers ..

    You are amazing !
    sonam :)

  35. Hi Rishi, your attitude rocks and definitely you are the best this season (which is just being aired in India – though curious me had to check Wikipedia to know who the winner was – no that’s wrong – had to know if you won. Well you did win – perhaps not the title – but the viewers support). Rock on.

  36. Sangeetha

    Hello Rishi..

    This is Sangeetha writing from Chennai India. You are a true charm and a person with an amazing attitude. You are quite an inspiration to all those who wish to follow their no matter what profession it is that they are in currently. I did not know that you would be eliminated since in India the series started airing pretty late. I watch it mostly because of an Indian presence in the show.

    Good luck to you and all the best for you to chase and fulfill your dreams!


  37. Aishwarya

    Hey hrushikesh.
    I was really looking 4wrd to meet u in pune!
    But cudnt make it. My bad..
    You are on right track and our country is really proud of u nd me 2.. hoping for ur rply

  38. Hey rishi .. I am a 13 year old boy from India…. the season of master chef Australia is airing in India now… I am a big fan of urs…. u truly make stunning dishes….

  39. Chaitrali Lachyan

    Hey Rishi!
    Your work in MCA is spectacular! So is your enthusiasm and outlook…brought to much life to the show in the Heston Week..just seeing all of you excited in your nerves to see The Heston Blumenthal left me gaping at the screen and pining that technology had been quicker in inventing some teleporting :D
    Tumhi maharashtra che ahat hyacha khup abhimaan vatla. Managing a main stream career and pursuing your hobby just as well – hats off!
    Truly an inspiration, I swear!
    I feel absolutely miserable and dejected about having missed your visit to Pune[wretched exams :-( ]!
    Do post about further endeavours and visits to Pune..!
    Would be thrilled to know more your experiences in MCA!
    Hoping for a reply :-)

  40. Abhijeet Wani

    Hi Rishi,
    I met at pune during your latest visit,i dint got an opportunity to ask you a question at symbiosis auditorium,my question was have you ever cooked vada pav ? its the most eaten breakfast of pune,have u ever experimented on it ? tried to make it different ?

    second of all,i loved ur song,can u upload it somewhere so i can again listen to it ? please rishi !!!!!!!!

    Kumar Sanu rox all the way!!!!!!

    • Haha..Thanks Abhijeet. How can you not have vada pav if you’ve live in Pune & Kolhapur? Of course, I have made it on several occasions…I might even have given it a twist in my upcoming book, for all you know ;)

      • Abhijeet Wani

        that would be awsome Rishi,I would be eagerly waiting for a vada pav with rishi’s twist recipe in your book.

  41. sivaranjani sampath

    I am a great fan of yours since masterchef . I really like how you cook your each dishes with perfection and your skill and how you bring in indian flavours in to foreign cuisines. I wished for you to win the season but anyways it was fun and interestin seein you cook up there and you were rocking as a captain in all the tasks in which you took the captaincy of the team besides the pizza task. but you were keen and good at your cookin in every tasks tat you were put in to and really you deserve more than this and i wish for you to have lots of great opportunities and luck on your side for long and for you to go places . good luck (Y)

  42. Nicky Premanand

    Hey Rish!

    It’s really unfortunate to know that you are out of the league, MAHN! you were amazing, you have inspired a lot many of us to take up cooking seriously. . I am a social worker who loves to eat and cook. After watching MCA I have started working hard on my cooking and presenting style. . Thank you very much, and you have won a million fellow Indian’s heart. . All the best for a very bright future and yes looking forward to have a copy of your cook book. . God Bless!!!

  43. kairavi desai

    hi rishi. I m Kairavi desai from Surat. you have been amazing on MCA. I follow the show only to watch u cook. feel very proud when u cook Indian dishes in such a beautiful way on an international show. wishing you lots of luck for the future.

  44. Hi rishi,i am a bad cook actually i dont ever cook,i want to know how these wonderful ideas of cooking come from?are they natural or i can improve? :p
    P.S:rubabrDo they really give u guys only a few minutes to think about what ur gonna cook or u get some more time off screen? :p

    • Rubab, yes we only had a few minutes to think on our feet. You build a good repertoire of techniques, palettes and ingredient combinations… so when the ideas come, you have some sense of what might work best. Trust you intuition..

  45. Andy Neill

    Hi Rishi,
    Just watched your elimination episode from Masterchef (We live in the UK and it has only just aired). Gutted. My 7 year old son is going to be devastated in the morning when he watches it as you were his massive favorite. His favorite dish in the whole world is curry (chicken korma) and thats what he asks for if he ever does well at school, sports etc.
    I was just wondering if you have opened a restaurant yet, as we will be in Sydney in April for holiday (visiting the in-laws as my wife is Australian) and would love to come and visit ?
    Take care and I hope whatever is happening to you after Masterchef is what your dreams are made of.

    • Thank you for your kind words Andy. The restaurant is a fair bit away and I have a few other projects to go through first…so yes, I am chasing my dreams after all :) Cheerio.

  46. Hi Rishi! Two fans from the UK here.

    Absolutely gutted that you didn’t win the competition. You were calm and collected throughout, as well as a phenomenal cook. The crown should have been yours.

    We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you! GOOD LUCK :)

    Ben and Kat

  47. Thankyou,and is there any chance that your cookbook will be uploaded on internet too because i live in pakistan so there’s no chance i can get. the book.

  48. its amazing to watch u cook n i truly believe u deserved tht trophy :) good luck ahead!!!

  49. krishna pokala

    Hi Rishi,I am in Uk and watched MCA this season but was disppointed to see your exit.I feel your exit was staged as Emma’s curry was no where indian. The pulled up a lame excuse of mussels being over cooked.Also with the French one, leak beign over cooked dint look too big.

  50. Hi Rishi,

    I am from Pune and watch MCA regularly.
    Its great to see you cook variety of fine dishes and not just stick to the Indian style of cooking

    My 7 year old son Harsh is a huge fan of yours.. We wanted to meet you when you visited Pune ,but missed the occasion

    All the best for your dream restaurant!


  51. Ananya_olive

    Rishi you are my favourite.u r simply amazing and exactly how a professional chef should be.Wish you luck n love.All d best.Cheers :-)

  52. akanksha

    hey,rishi i wanted to ask you one thing
    do you know hindi

  53. Hi Rishi, a fan from the UK here. I just wanted to wish you well with your post Masterchef Australia career and hope you follow your dream. You seem a determined chap so I’m sure you will go on to become one of the most successful chefs from the show. Good luck to you, Bryan

  54. Hey I am Ayushi from Delhi n truely your biggest fan.. you made all indians proud.. for us you are the winner.. Wish to meet you some day.. and why don’t you reply lot of Indians out here.. Please do reply us..

  55. Annalea Rebello

    Hey there,

    Guess the video isin’t viewable in India, however have followed MC5 as it airs now in India. Youve a huge Fan in me!!!
    What a great cook, was really bummed to hear about your elimination but hey i am sure your book would be a winner!!

    Good Luck Rishi!!

  56. shreyas ghate

    Hiii rishi …

    I am shreyas from Kolhapur……. u made all of us proud……. Hats of to you……

  57. What??? you got eliminated???? God I shouldn’t have reached here.
    Hey rishi. Initially I hated you So much. and Wow I ended up being a great fan of yours. I started watching you from the Mystery box episode and man I’ve always seen you leading. you’re at par and always been a great captain.
    Psst..I have a secret crush on you
    anyways keep up your good job. wish to see you somewhere down the line

  58. Mahasweta Chakraborti

    Hey Rishi, this is Mahasweta. I regularly watch M.CA 5 and I am a really big fan of urs. U r such a perfect chef, I mean it and U made us so proud. *claps* keep rocking. We Love u. :) p.s.- u r my inspiration.

  59. Hey Rishi,
    Man My wife and I are your fans.. We love your courage, your resolve, your talent and want to see you at the top of your game… Do let us know your future plan. Our wishes will always be with you..
    BTW I am leading a huge Harley tour from Delhi to Goa in January 2014 and shall pass through Kohlapur on 15th of the month. I would love to see your mothers spice store. Please send me the address..
    Cheers mate..
    God bless

    • Thanks Sharad. Wow a Harley tour form Delhi to Goa…sounds interesting. My mom’s shop is called “Gruhini Vastu Bhandar” in 1st Lane Shahupuri – Nearest landmark: Kolhapur Railway station. Have a safe trip. Cheers,

  60. Priti Kumari

    Hey Rishi! Priti here from Pune….Damn I could not meet you in Pune :( Anyway though I am little late but just wanna thank you on this thanks giving day.Thank u for entertaining us with your talent.Really hope to see you.I wish u all the very best for your future.God Bless ya and your family :)

  61. preshita

    Hi rishi ! I am preshita from Bangalore and I loved how u performed in masterchef 2013 . So what are your plans post masterchef ? Any exciting offers ?

  62. Salil Datar

    Hi Rishi,
    This is Salil From Nashik Maharashtra.
    I have been following you throughout the MCA this Session.
    Good Work,
    You have made us all proud to be Indian and Eat Indian food.
    Will be coming to Australia ,Sydney in march,2014 hope to see you at your Dream Restaurant ..of Indian food on a modern plate….
    All The best..

  63. Hai Rishi
    Seen u around? U rocked the show. Strong head, calm excellent leadership skills, i though you will win. You writing a book i understand. Pls let us know the title and isbn number. It was a pleasure to watch u work with confidence and panash.gr8 job. Another guy was daniel. Are you currently following your dream? Working as chef? Or started your own restaurant? Regards to your family. Hope to see your reply.

  64. Vaishnavi Raghavendar

    Hi Rishi ! Great going on masterchef. We were so gutted when you were eliminated.i love your attitude and approach to any task, so methodical , so focussed. Do give us a shout out when you swing by London. My family and I would love to host a meal for you !

  65. Satthish Narayanan

    been a regular watcher of MC. This year glued to the TV as we had 2 Indians in the fray… Jus love the way you made it to the top 6 and fought till your elimination. Great to c u on top and wishing you all the best for your future endeavors. Keep rocking and keep our flag flying high buddy

  66. Been a regular watching Master Chef and this year was happy to see 2 Indians.. You were amazing and i thought here we have the winner of Master Chef Season 5. Wishing you all the best for your future en devour . Success will follow you buddy. cheers

  67. Hi rishi
    I am Pratyush Agrawal from nagpur india I am 16 years old and a great fan of yours I want to see ur book of indian recipes so wenever u release it pls post about it and pls can u tell wats der in d video

  68. pallavi

    Hi Rishi! Hope you are doing good. I was devastated to see you eliminated and thought judgement wasn’t fair.

    You proved time and again in all episodes that you have what it takes to go ahead in life.

    I know your restaurant is going to be a success and best of luck for future endeavors.

  69. Priyanka

    Just tell me that u were not eliminated :”( I just read u were…
    I thought you were going to WIN. What went wrong??? I am gonna watch it and find out. But, its not right.
    I am so so sooooooooo heart broken…. u had to win… u just had to.
    I hope its all one big rumour and you win. Still praying.
    Open a restaurant in India. Please.

  70. Aakanksha

    I am so much in love with MCA and thats only because you are there! :)

  71. Ammar Haider

    hey rishi, how are you. im a very big fan of yours. i watch master chef only to watch you, you have helped me a lot by showing no nervousness in pressures and remaining cool in everything. thanks for that. i missed your chat on twitter. but i pray to god to meet you someday. god bless you.

  72. Hey Rishi! I read your interview in Delhi Times today! Loved it! Wish i knew you were coming to delhi..i definetly would have met you! I followed your journey on masterchef very closely….i just loved your energy in the competition! You seriously rock dude! Keep it up!

  73. Rishi,
    A small hello from London, UK. We have watched every episode of MCA5 and right from the beginning you were our favorite with your amazing cooking and humilty towards the other contestants. So gutted when you fell at the last hurdle, but that does not detract from the brilliance of your consistency and to all of us its obvious who the true champion was :)
    Good luck with everything!!

    Nick and Amanda

  74. Jahnavi

    I’m not really sure you’ll reply to this message but nevertheless I’d like to share with you how happy it makes me to see how you’ve showcased Indian food and given a new spin to it. Hope you continue to follow your passion.
    Best of luck :)

  75. Hey… Hi Rishi… This is shreya… You were really fabulous in masterchef…keep going like this… I heard that you are from kolhapur… I felt really proud that day… As I am from same place… Wish you all the very best….

  76. Towera and Kona

    Hey Rishi

    This is Towera and Kona, writing to you from the Lusaka, Zambia. We followed your culinary journey on MCA5 whilst in the UK. Was sad to see you leave so close to the top 3. Nonetheless you were our favourite! What are you doing now? Have you thought about expanding your style of cooking into the the African continent, Indian food is a large part of the Southern African cuisine. I’m sure you must have knowledge of the popular Durban curry’s in South Africa. Where can we find more of you recipes?

  77. Hey Rishi
    You were my favourite all the way through…gutted when you got eliminated. Thought you were the best by far!
    I’ve watched all the Masterchef oz series here in the uk, and you were up there wi poh and mindy for me! My hubby also massive fan as you have the same name as our 10 month old baby boy!
    Good luck with all your food dreams,

  78. Mansi Manav

    Hey Rishi! Kasa kay?! My heart broke when I got to know that you weren’t at least in top 3 because the world knows you deserved to be there! I thoroughly enjoy watching you cook cause you are patient and so organised, its amazing! Your palak paneer entree seemed amazingly unusual and something I would really wanna cook! So please, if you could, include its recipe in your book. You make Indians proud all over the world! My mom doesn’t know English so she doesn’t watch English channels too. But she sits with me to watch you cook. Bit a racist of her, but she really likes you and tries to modernize her dishes like you do. You are the official idol of family!! Please come to India to meet your fans!! :D

  79. Nasiha

    Hi Rishi!!
    I’m Nasiha, a sixteen-year old from Bangladesh and I am a HUGE fan of yours. I followed you throughout the season of Masterchef and can I just say, YOU ARE AMAZING. Your level of focus, determination and consistency throughout the competition awed me. We all know you deserved to win, but Masterchef was only half the battle, right? It thrills me to know that you’re still pursuing your dreams and making them come true. I hope the modern Indian restaurant is just around the corner.
    It would mean the world if you reply to this. PLEASE. You’re such an inspiration to me! Best of luck!

  80. Hiiii… shreya…I salute u man…..ur awesome …..!!I hv been watchin MCA only and ONLY for you ….but I was very disappointed and shocked tht u got eliminated!!! I don’t believe that….or amazing cook…. how cud thy do that??!!!now I hv got no reason to watch MCA…. am 16…and Indian…so u know being a girl of 16…mom starts teaching how to cook…..but I used run from cooking food but after watchin u I hv kinda developed interest in cooking….so….all thnx to u…..rishi..

    • By d way…am v.p.sreya…..and forgot to tell u all d best for ur future….and waiting for ur book….!!!sooooo…exited…..!!!!…k…bye

  81. Hi Rishi,

    We are watching MC in India now and its down to finals week!
    Just wanted to compliment you on your tremendous attitude in the kitchen and great improvisation techniques with Indian food, especially the palak paneer.
    Although you were the most deserving, success is not measured by the MC title alone.
    You are meant to go places..and you will.
    Wish you good luck!!


  82. Marion

    Bonjour Rishi. Vous etes magnifique. Je vous aime beaucoup. Bon chance!

  83. Aravind

    Heyyy Rishii!!!
    It’s fascinating watching you cook man. I’m from Hyderabad and we have a cook group here. We tried making some of your dishes, but they didn’t turn out good :(
    Sad that you didn’t make it into top-3. Your rapport with co-contestants was delight to see, especially with your ‘house’ wife :D

    All the best for your future endeavours!!!

  84. Y didn’t the uploader make this video available in our country??? It shud first be made available in our country. Well hi Rishi ji ,not a mad fan lyk wat people around me is but u r definitely loved by evry damn person here. I really love cookin but i don’t or can’t pay more importance the most i do is jst to go n expect for help from who evr can help me i really really want you to write some buks n specially the ones u want lyk a modernized indian food well i wonder how much i know abt indian food only. AND SORRY i told u mine story didn’t share mine abt yours.

  85. sathya

    Hey Rishi,
    I am really gutted to know that you got eliminated…but everyone knows that you were the best cook of the season…continue the good job and hope u have some plans in India…like open a restaurant somewhere,probably in Bangalore…hey one more thing i have gone to kholapur many times…and i have had bakarwadi also…but next time when i go der i’ll make sure I’ll have in your Mom’s store…love u…take care :)

  86. Bhavya

    I’m from Mumbai and just today, I was feeling upset about not being able to let you know how much you’ve made us proud. So, here I am : INDIA IS EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU,RISHI :)
    We all love you so much, so much so that every time you presented a dish and the judges loved it, we all clapped and jumped up in joy. No exaggeration here. You’re a winner in our eyes.
    YOU’RE AWESOME and this is coming from someone who has never entered the kitchen in her life. You made me watch MCA. Wish to meet you in person someday. All the luck to you, mate ! :)

  87. Hi Rishi,

    This is Tejas Gokhale from Mumbai it is really nice watching you on M.C.A 5 season the confidence you have shown while preparing all dishes has been great though I know that what I am watching right now is not a live telecast but it doesn’t matter I still watch it seriously with the same passion that you cook your food well done mate.

    Just saw yesterday the episode where you cooked for Chef Donovan Cook at The Atlantic and you were very precise in your preparation for the entree and main course.

    Keep up the good work mate.


  88. Namrata

    Hiii Rishi
    This is Namrata from India. I am a big big BIG fan of yours and your cooking. The only TV show i see is M.C.A. I had this huge huge crush on you and then i came to know you are married :D But still i am your fan. You rock when you cook with a desi touch to your dishes and how come you manage to be so calm in pressure tests ! amazing :) All the best

  89. Namrata Vijayakar

    You are the true Masterchef. May be not on the screen but in people’s mind and heart. You were in the maximum elimination rounds. Outshine every one of it. Your dishes are amazing and moreover your attitude towards things is very positive and inspiring. Wish you good luck and hope to hear more great stuff from you.

  90. Ms. Samel

    Hello Rishi,
    My Dad is a really ardent fan of you. He watches MCA5 just for you & cheers for you when you are seen on telly ( just like he does during cricket ;) ) and often tells me to observe you and pick up the essential skills…but not seeing you in Top 3 was very heart-breaking.
    Hope to meet/see you and learn a few tips in Mumbai-India when you plan a culinary trip here !!
    Wishing you a great culinary future ahead !! Good Luck …

  91. Shreeya Ghag

    Hi Rishi,
    I am a huge fan of yours. You have inspired me to start cooking more ( and my Mom is really happy because she had been telling me how beautiful cooking can be and never really succeeded). Watching your passion for food and your determination to prove yourself has really changed my perception of food. Just how lovely food can be is very apparant from the smiles on all of your faces on Masterchef. Thanks a lot for being so good to watch. Your techniques and ideas in Masterchef and also the way you kept your head calm in the face of crisis was commendable. Hats off!!
    Good luck for your future endeavours.. and I wish you come back to India someday. :P
    PS. I am from Maharashtra as well so it was a pleasant surprise to know that we have something in common!!
    Lots of love and good wishes.. :)

  92. anjalideka

    Hi Rishi,

    I and my husband totally adored you on the show. In fact, in every episode, we would keep hoping that you would be the one to come out on top. Watching you approach your dishes in a calm and strategic manner has really changed the way I approach my cooking. I can’t wait to try out your modernized palak paneer. Guess will have to wait for your book to come out to try that one out :)

    Recently I got to know that you are an IP professional. Well, I am one too and so I have more than one reason to root for you, you see :)

    We wish you all the best for your future endeavours, particularly that modern Indian restaurant.

  93. Sanchita

    Hi Rishi!! This is Sanchita from Bangalore… you were my family’s and my favorite contestant
    U Rock!!!

  94. Madhura Murar

    Hi Rishi Sir,
    this is Madhura Murar from Pune, India. I just watched the ultimate service challenge episode., the one with Donovan Cooke…and I couldn’t help but log in only to tell you that you leave no chance to amaze and inspire me…winning that advantage amidst all the massive challenges–> RESPECT!!! Ever since I started watching MCA-5, I’ve been so inspired by your thought process, your management skills…all in all, your very presence. And I try to incorporate the same in my endeavours. So, here’s a BIG THANK YOU…straight from the heart…wishing you luck in all your future endeavours. Regards!:):):)

  95. Sowjenya

    OMG!!! I cant believe i’m writing this to you Rishi Sir!! :D I’m such a huge fan of your’s…who won’t be?!:) It’s so nice to see you work in kitchen. I too love food!! But just the eating part :P But will soon start learning to cook… I don’t know whether you’ll reply to this or not, but just know this, you’re my inspiration for cooking.. :) I pray god that you get all the strengths and resources to take Indian cooking to greater heights. Waiting for you to visit Bangalore!! Hope you do come around here..!! :) Take care and keep cooking!! :)

  96. Sadya Hossain

    Hey,this is sadya from Bangladesh.As many people,I also started watching masterchef coz of u.Even I watch all episodes twice or thrice in which you performed well.Your focus and determination has inspired me so much.You have no idea how popular you r here too,friends from my university likes u.I cried the episode you were eliminated,was so sad :(,praying & rooting for u always

  97. Urvi Varma

    Hello Rishi!!
    I am a huge fan.. From back home..
    I really hope you open that modern Indian restaurant an dhen you do..
    Please thin about opening a branch in India..

    P.S- I am never going to eat charred lees. EVER.

  98. pratima

    Hi Rishi, this is Pratima…..i so wanted you to win. But I guess it was just luck…..coz you were the best cook in the show. All the best for your future.

  99. Hy rishi i read that u r excellent in cooking modak. Please receipe share kar na

  100. Krishna G N

    You are an inspiration. Before watching you cook in the show, I never considered cooking as a passion, an art actually. I never thought there can be so much experimentation done in Indian food. That there can be so much modernisation and sophistication while still keeping the traditional flavors intact.
    I just love your smile and your humor and your team spirit and creativity and everything about you!

    It was today that your last round was telecasted in India. And I almost cried watching you step out of MC kitchen…..

    Anyway, I know you’ll make your dreams come true.
    Good luck in all your future endeavors!!!

    Its my life’s dream now to eat the food you cooked :)

  101. Pallavi Dhruv

    Hi rishi
    I just watched u being eliminated..I m so truly sad n disappointed ….my son n myself closely have been followingMCA..honestly the reason is just to watch you..what we love about you is the way you conduct yourself….you are so composed and calm and in the worst of situations you truly just gather yourself and were the strongest contestant in MCA…you have been the most consistent contestant always striving to achieve excellence..perhaps there is something bigger in store for you…you are a great guy!!!! The sky is the limit ….go for it big guy….we want to see you soar high….real high….we are from Mumbai ….would love to meet you…pls let us knw in case if any plans of visiting Mumbai…god bless!!!

  102. Akshay Salunke

    Hey Rishikesh,

    Today I was watching MCA & the worst part of today’s episode was you went out of MCA. I felt bad. I was just avoiding the results on internet till today so that I can see you winning MCA 2013 title. But Since you are not in MCA I stopped watching the MCA from now onwards & now its easy for me to break the suspense. So this is the first time I have checked anything about you on the internet. And I found you on the web. I will not say much because I can see their are lot more people following you, So

    Keep the good work going,
    All the best for the future,
    Would love to eat & learn the food you prepare,
    Would love to meet you someday.

    • Akshay Salunke

      And this is for you, I am not the author of this but I just like it,

      एवढेशे आयुष्य
      एवढयाशा आयुष्यात खुप काही हवं असतं,
      पण हवं असतं तेच मिळत नसतं .
      हवं तेच मिळालं तरी खुप काही कमी असतं,
      चांदण्यांनी भरुनसुध्दा आपलं आभाळ रिकामं असत्
      तरीसुधा माणसान हरायच नसत् ..

  103. Jayamoorthy

    Hi Rishi
    Your display was truly inspiring. You made us all proud back home. I truly think the judges were biased. All the very best in your future dreams. We will find you when we visit Australia!

  104. Been a fan of Masterchef Australia from the start. I think they are very fair and objective. Just watched you getting eliminated and felt really sorry. Although I think you are a very good cook I think that it was a mistake to choose Emma to cook off with as she is a very strong cook, better than both Samira and Lynton. She thinks on her feet. Anyway, all the best to you in the future.

  105. Hi Rishi
    I felt really bad when u got eliminated from master chef. I wish you the best for your cooking career. You were the best cook not only in this season but amongst all the seasons of master chef I have seen. I enjoyed watching you during service challenges. You have tremendous energy and I would have really loved to see you win. But I guess everything happens for a reason and there is something much bigger in store for you. Please let me know the name of your cookbook when you release it, I will surely love to read it. All the best and happy cooking.

  106. Hi Rishi

    This is Krishna from India. I am a big fan of your cooking. And inspired me to experiment with flavors.

    We are watching season 5 in india. Feeling so sad.

    Eagerly waiting for your book of receipes.

    All the best.

  107. Lavanya Karthik

    Hi Rishi

    I am from Chennai, Tamilnadu and I have been watching Masterchef Australia from Season 2. Watching you cook in Season 5 with such confidence and aplomb really made me and my husband root for you. But ofcourse we knew through google that you would be eliminated at 4th position (That episode got aired in Star World India today) But I would say the moral victory goes to you as you have always done so well in service challenges (which I would think is what it is all about!!) All the best to you!! Your family must be so proud of you!!

  108. U were d best…what r u doing now???

  109. Neha Vig

    Hello & a bigg bigg Congratulations to you Rishi ! SO SO proud of you. I cried when you got eliminated :-) Your dedication and focus is amazing & I wish you all the best. You are actually the real winner. Hope to see you in Delhi someday!

  110. Mrinal

    Me and my wife loved watching u cook in MCA 5 and we are going to miss u…..u did us Indians proud ..and for us u r the uncrowned winner of MCA 5 and nobody can contradict that….wish u luck down the road..

  111. Swati Barde

    Hi! MCA is being aired only now in India and it was a feeling of pride to see an Indian contest for this title! Love the way you perform in service challenges and I must say you have been the most intelligent contestant I have seen on the show!.
    I am so shocked today to see you eliminated that I just dont feel like watching the finals any more! For us you are the winner and our best wishes towards your dream of Modern Indian Cooking! Hoping some day we get a taste of your dream..Good Luck, am sure you will make it some day!

  112. hello rishi,dis is nidhi from Bangalore ur huge fan.i dont know how u feel,but i thought eliminating you was racist.samira who never comes out of her mid-eastern comfy zone,serves raw meat,is confused and is in finals.emma she would not stop crying.i guess they planned your elimination,coz were u in the finals u would be a great threat to others(in a positive way of course).i just hope you open your restaurant and it receives Michelin stars and it becomes a do u have any Indian friends back in australia,do u speak in hindi or marathi or in English with them.can u pls reply in Hindi or Marathi.

  113. Rudra Sen

    Hey Rishikesh…………….I’m Rudra from West Bengal. You r the star of master chef Australia 2013 season. I am shocked when I came to know that Emma win the crown of MCA 2013. Never mind, unfortunate happens to every person in their life. To me u r the real winner of MCA 2013 title. Best of luck for your future.

    one question………when your cooking book published in India?

  114. Nafeesa

    Hey rishi-kish, I have great respect for you man. The day they sent you home on MCA-season-5 i stopped watching the show. It was huge disappointment & i felt there judgement was not justified. You were already a master chef! seriously. The way you cook, time everything perfectly, presentation bang-on. I was sure you are going be the master chef. None of other contestants stood a chance in-front of your cooking, energy, talent. On you elimination day you were busy cooking, but you may not have noticed the fear in other persons eye when you cook against them. When you left, others felt sigh of relief that there chance of being master chef are much better now. you are the best . You are my master chef winner :)

  115. Ashraf

    Hi Rishi,
    You were the soul of MCA Season 5. Your positive attitude, belief in yourself and the unbelievable work ethic was amazing. Though you were eliminated in Pre Finals and while we all question the decisions of the judges and the crucial advice they passed on to your competitor, you have won in our hearts. I wish you a bright, fruitful and excellent career in your passion, food. And I am fairly confident that like Poh you will be the next most successful MCA participant, let the “official winners” have their glory :-)
    You have made India and all Indians proud!

  116. I only see you as the true chef and am pretty sure you are going to do better than all the contestants in life, hell you are going to do better than all the chefs out there, man you are like a machine and i love the composure you keep under stress, lesson for me to be the same!! you were the only one who truly kept himself together and i could feel seeing you on your last day that you didn’t regret going out of the show rather you learnt from your mistake and that’s what i appreciate.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

    PS: i myself want to start cooking but something holds me back.

  117. Anindita Barik

    HEY… Hello Rishi..
    This is Anindita from Kolkata currently reading in class 12…
    Am really huge fan of urs nd ur fab cooking..!!
    I guess dis is what every fan of your’ says..!! Dont knw how to make it sound any different.. Bt really am a huge fan of urs..!!
    In today’s episod, which is being telecasted here in ndia… u got eliminated amd i kept crying.. Coz i really wanted u to win..
    However,there’s always winning and losing in competions.!!! But am sure u gonna make it big.!!
    Heard about ur cooking book..!! Best of luck for dat.!!!
    Just found out your page in FB..!! But sadly couldnt find u.. :'(
    Could ou plz send your link.!!
    please reply… Ur fan is waiting.. :)

  118. Anindita Barik

    Found you in fb.. nd send a msg bt it says dat d msg will go to ur OTHERS folder since i’m nt directly connected with u on fb.!!!! :(
    Hoping dat u wud open it n read.!!!!! :)

  119. Tinu Ann Varghese

    Hi Rishi…I am Tinu Ann Varghese from New Delhi.. Big fan of the Masterchef series esp masterchef australia…you were definitely my favourite contestant of all time…i also liked Lynton,Christina,Kelty…Heard you on a radio channel recently and that you were in New Delhi recently…i also heard that you were planning to release your cookbook next year…. i wholeheartedly agree with everyone when they say were so sad when you were eliminated…. you were the best contestant from MC 5…also liked the fact that you mastered all the cuisines and not just “INDIAN FOOD”…LOVED THE TWIST YOU GAVE IN THE BUTTER QUAIL DISH inspired from Butter Chicken i guess…ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE…


    Hey rishi!!! u were just awesome in MC…I was really looking forward to u winning the title :( …and i just loved the way u cooked in service challenges…btw would u consider working DONOVAN COOKE if given a chance??i hope ur dream of opening a modern indian restaurant will become true!!Waiting eagrly for ur book..

  121. Anushka

    HIiii Rishi,
    I’m Anushka from India. I saw your elimination episode today. Firstly I couldn’t believe myself. But then I cried. I’m not much of a crier but seeing you getting eliminated at that point.It was really not done!:-( But anyways, I love your work. You really work like a were like the ‘Indian tadka’ to the show. Really looking forward to your cook book.Hope it will be available in India too. Wish you all the best for your future and next time you visit india, please do meet your fans in delhi as well.with lots of love…
    -Anushka “” “”

  122. Sunil J Nair

    Hey Rishi,

    This is Sunil from Kerala(IN). Thanks for fighting till the last moment. You have made us feel proud by achieving this. As Matt said you are a star man. In my family every single of us like you so much. If mussels went right you are the Masterchef 2013. Its great and I feel proud to see an Indian making this possible. You rock…..

  123. love so much your attitude, keep pursue your dream, nothing can stop you with your attitude..
    open some restaurant, if i am lucky i wil come, stop, and eat in your restaurant.
    thumbs up!

  124. Prasanna Borge

    Hi Rishi,

    You deserves to be Winner of MCA – V, for us are already winner of MCA – V.
    Before and with you, there were Dalvinder in season – IV & Neha in season – V, with the finesse you cook, use flavors & spice are really awesome and always yummy.
    Your out of box thinking to make dishes innovative are seriously great.
    your sweet Indian-Chinese dumplings with a soy sauce caramel and dry ice tea & Paneer Roulade was awesome !!!

  125. neo porus

    hey man!!! im really reallly happy for you ! i erally wanted you to win masterchef! but what matters more is what you do in life! and im looking forard toseeing your name on food magazine covers as the man who brought together different cuisines and revolutionised the food industry! my best wishes are with you!

  126. hiii rishi……
    im a huge huge fan of you….i feel so bad that you got eliminated….
    u deserved the title more than anyone on the show……
    u r clearly the winner for me….u have put great food throughout the series…..
    i will miss seeing u and ur smile on tv…..
    all the best for your future…..

  127. Priya Chavhan

    Heyy Rishiii!!!

    My name is Priya and i am from Mumbai. I love your work and your attitude toward everything. I love the way you always keep smiling even in the most tense moments on the show, which gives me an idea how optimistic a person you are. But i have to tell you man.. I LOVE You… the day i came to know you are married, i was shattered.. LOL.. anyways i think you are great and definitely different from all the other Indian contestants ever been on Master chef, as you were awesome in everything you did and was not stuck at only Indian cuisine… Best of Luck… and will always love you.. :)

  128. Shashank

    Hey, Rishi! Shashank here.
    Was very unhappy at ur elimination in MCA 2013…………I wish I could see ur vid….:(

    Never the less, I wish Best of luck for ur upcoming plans! :)


  129. Trupti

    Hi Rishi,
    Am from Mumbai.Me and my mom loved watching your skills on here to convey my moms love for u..she doesn’t understand English much..but loved watching you cook in MCA very much..she is big fan of yours..she conveys lots of love and blessings to you, and prays that you reach great heights in life.

    Loads of wishes to you. Hope you open a restaurant here someday and all your fans here get to taste your amazing food !! You are inspiration for GenY here Rishi..Keep Rocking!!

    • hey Rishi you are just a can i see you again in tv shows?I am eagerly waiting for your food.
      best wishes for you and go like a machine-gun…

  130. Arunika

    Hello Rishi, I’m from Sri Lanka. :) I’m still a college student and I’m specializing in Biochemistry. I love cooking and you’re like one of my food idols now!!! You’re so innovative and your work is just amazing!!! As Matt Preston said ‘You’re a star!’. Keep up the good work, and I hope you would come down to Sri Lanka one day :D

    All the very best!

  131. ananya gupta

    hey rishi

    this is ananya from mumbai.i used to watch masterchef australia with ma frnds and we all r a big fan of yours .if i say the truth i really didnt like samira but then i slowly realized that she was not so bad becoz the way she did it i dont think i wuld be able to do that. man hatts off to u. do great be great. best wishes. one more thing love your life if u will not then who of luck or future


    best of luck

  132. Hi Rishi. I am a huge Masterchef Oz fan and have been watching it since season 1. U have done us proud. Apart from ur incredible cooking skills, u were so cool, confident and polite at all times. I tell my sons that’s our Indian culture and u ought to behave like that :) Honestly i stopped watching after you got eliminated and some how it was so off putting that i cannot bear to even watch repeats. I wonder if I can forgive the Masterchef guys in time for the next season. You were the best and my reason to watch Masterchef 5. Wish u the best!

  133. Hi Rishi,
    You were the star of masterchef….elimination doesn’t matter …what matters is people appreciated you..the judges loved you. you are such a spark at work :)

  134. Siddharth Taib

    Hi Rishi!!! Siddharth from Pune,Maharashtra here…was very sad to hear your elimination from masterchef……wishing u luck for ur future challenges….are u planning to open a restaurant in Pune????Would LOVE to visit it..

    PS is ur name Rishikesh or Hrishikesh??

  135. Nishanthraag Reddy Venuturla

    Sir,First of all,hats of to you.I am big fan of you and your food.It is sad we didn’t get a chance to watch you cook your signature dish-Slow-cooked Kolhapuri Goat with Cauliflower Purée and Pappadum.I wish to dine in a restaurant of yours at some point of my life.All the best for future endeavours and keep up the spirit of Indian food.

    So eagerly waiting for your cook book.

  136. Hi Rishie:)
    This is Dechen Peden from Sikkim(India).We were all watching masterchef just because of u.M a big fan of yours and m really disappointed at the fact that emma won!!! (shocking).EAch n every dish u made thoughout the show looked amazing including the mussels:)wish u all the best

  137. Hey Rishi I have been wondering when do u get time do those solo interview with the background in MC. Oh by the way when is their an official day that ur books coming out so I can put it on my calendar and scream about it!

  138. Hey Rishi,
    Proud of your achievement. You were after all a winner- won millions of hearts, mainly that of kids. My 10 year old was inspired to see you so focused. Way to go. All our best wishes for your future endeavors.

  139. vidya pradeep casabela

    hi Rishi…
    i am a huge fan of yours from Trivandrum, Kerala….for me you are the winner of MCA2013….just like the dishes u put up, i also appreciate your attitude n personality n d way you ‘handle yourself’…n you are truly truly inspirational,friend…
    keep up ur good efforts…Great way ahead for you…
    Good luck…
    love n regards from….
    vidya n family

  140. Rishi u are so handsome, i love u since episode 1 in Masterchef australia.when the time u are eliminate, i was sad but however gud luck in everything… :)

    from me,
    shauna ( sarawak, Malaysia)

  141. Come on rishi……pepl missing u out here……..wid u give sum rishi already now?

  142. Hey Rishi,
    Thought you were mind-blowing in Masterchef…and the comments here are the icing on the cake :))…did use to hear about your interest in food in my GE days, but WOW ..hat’s off to allowing yourself to refine an art to such a level…my son (he is 11 now) got tuned into the show because of you..he couldn’t believe that you had a normal work life as well..and many of my cousins are showing-off because i mentioned that I knew u:)..congratulations and come back and cook for us in Bangalore!!!

  143. Meirah B

    Hi Rishi, I’m suffering from a little bit of Rishi-fever at the moment, cuz everywhere I go, I seem to be seeing you :P :D. The reason being, Master Chef Season 5 just ended here in Mumbai and I don’t get to see you on TV anymore!! :( Anyway, I’m so glad to see this page and that you are taking time out to reply to your fans. I just wanted to say a couple of things… First of all, you are very very cute! :) I think your family is beautiful and very supportive. God bless you all. Also, your passion for food is very contagious. My friends and I, loved watching you on screen. I really really hope that a good network offers you a food show you can host; cuz I would LOVE to see you on screen again! And lastly, if I ever get to meet you in person, I’d love a hug! :)

  144. Rohit balaji

    You’re a brilliant cook though I am just 13 I luv masterchef and the way u cook

  145. Sai Prasad

    Hello Rishi, I was rooting for you for the MCA title…but bad luck. Wish you all the very best. Keep that cheerful smile on the face always. It certainly makes to food tastier. Hope to meet you some time if you come to Chennai.

  146. Hey Rishi,

    Congrats on making it that far in MA.
    The best thing about you is your attitude. The way you handled pressure and led from the front is awesome.
    Was rooting for you to win. Too bad it didn’t happen.
    I am sure you will succeed in all your future endeavors. Make us proud.


  147. hey! am neha .in mca u r the power puffed baloon! the star of kitchen and i never missed a epis of u and also abig fan of u………. hands of to u.

    with lots of luck !


  148. Apurva Solanki

    Hey Rishikesh,
    Watching you on the show were moments of pride for us here back home. I especially related to you so much, that my emotions were running high and low right with you through each task. I know you were meant to be the winner and I know in everyones eyes you are :0) I must also tell you that you didn’t just impress and inspire the budding chefs and artists of India, but assure you definitely did your mentor from Tonka :0) You are made of something else.. I am completely in awe of you! Thank you for being you. Very inspired. Blessed be! XX

  149. khushboo mehta

    hi rishi..

    glad to see ur web page..its been only one yr for my marriage n cooking was sooo boring. but especially after seeing you cook, kitchen is where i find peace. cooking is no more boring. i loved the way you cook with precision and dedication. i still remember the day when you got eliminated and i felt so bad :(.. my husband got jealous of you…;)

    keep up your good work and keep inspiring cooks like Me…

  150. Hemangi Prajeesh

    Hi Rishi, one more addition to your fan list!! Me and My hubby are in love with your cooking style… hope you’d have won the show… nevertheless.. you gave indian cooking a real modern touch and respect in each of your performance… my fav. one is the way you transformed Palak-Paneer / rice dish as a cold starter….. great imagination ….!!! We love you…
    Hemangi Prajeesh

  151. Hey Rishi, the whole family have been watching you and we loved every minute of it! Your dedication, perfection, enthusiasm and sincerity towards your performance on MC with every challenge made us want to keep watching you!

    We wish you all the best with your future endeavours and hope to taste your food in London one day.. You never know!!

  152. Riya Ann Philip

    Hi Rishi, my name is Riya, I am from Nagaalnd (10th standard) :) and a native of Kerala. I am so much in love with your cooking, attitude and especially you smile and the way you clap !!! Your way of cooking has inspired me alot. But you know, I stopped watching MCA after you got eliminated. As i started watching it just because of you, and you were my favourite contestant. I woud have watched but I felt like the judges were really partial :/ … Even my amma is a big fan of yours.
    And I wish you all the best for your future :) Do give my regards to your MOM ;) LOVE YOU RISHIKESH :) :) !!!!!!! KEEP COOKING :D

  153. Amina Mohamed

    Hey Rishi,
    I am Amina Mohamed and I’m from Kerala,India.I dont usually watch much TV. Masterchef was the only show on TV I watched without fail.I’m a big fan of your..your cooking and all that energy in you!I was crushed to see you eliminated from Top 5.I was sure that you would make it.Wishing you great success,


  154. Meenu Mohan

    Hey Rishi
    I am a fan from kolhapur.I loved watching you on MCA 5.You have good culinary skills.You made us kolhapuris quite proud with your performance.Good luck for your upcoming restaurant and cookbook.Please do visit Kolhapur soon.

  155. Hi Rishi,
    This is Supriya from Nagpur.Have followed Master chef religiously this time coz you did wonders with every cuisine that you made. Congratulations for your wonderful performance n all the best for your book. Well this message is also a hearty thank you from my mother to you coz u inspired me to cook however less creative my food may be but atleast my mom is happy with me. Thank you so much Rishi you have been really a great inspiration for me….wish u loads of luck and lov……….

  156. Ragavan

    Hi Rishi

    My wife and I are Australian of Indian origin currently in Singapore and have been watching Season 5 and were so excited for you and every night cheering for you. Last night was that episode of the finale and we were in tears!

    When we return to Sydney we are very keen to come to your restaurant! Good luck for the future….

  157. Himanshi

    Hi rishi! Though am not a cooking person but I loved watching you on MCA 5. Loved your spontaneity and creativity with food. Some day would like to taste your dishes in person. Keep it up! Wish the sweet fragrance of your dishes reach worldwide!
    Regards. :)

  158. Madhurima

    Hi Rishi…
    Greetings from India.. It was great to watch u on Masterchef Australia.. This is Madhurima from Sananda magazine (the largest lifestyle magazine in eastern India), a part of the Anandabazar Patrika-The Telegraph group (the largest media house in eastern India)… It will be great if we can carry an interview of yours in our publication.. Pls let me know your contact ID for the same..
    Much thanks
    Madhurima Sinha Roy

  159. Thomas

    Hi Rishi,
    My husband & I just finished watching your last appearance on MCA 2013. Couldn’t help but say that you are a Star Chef. You have that extraordinary culinary creativity in you and you are one of the best reasons we enjoyed watching the show. Keep exploring and working hard on your dream. Wish you all the best!

  160. S.Lalithalakshmi

    Hi Rishi

    What Are you upto now? I felt so bad when you were eliminated. I have been watching Masterchef since its Season I. Even though I am a pure vegetarian I like it. All the best.

  161. Disappointed

    It isn’t nice how you don’t reply to these messages. They were written with love and effort and these people are your genuine well-wishers. It’s not fair how you replied to only a few of them. We deserve your attention and we should be acknowledged.

    • Mr. Disappointed whoever u r. How u can b such dumb. Initial daz he must b free to rply his fans. But den he might b get busy as he got de celebrity tag. U must wish him for future lyf or whatever good things u can say. Jus take a single look over no. Of comments. Is it really possible to rply al de fellas.

      • Rishi

        I am sorry for not replying to your message. I have been really busy with my cookbook and I still work full-time. So in between those things I really did not get any time to look at the website. But I respond to most messages on twitter @rishidesaii. Thank you very much for your support and wishes.


    • Rishi

      I am sorry for not replying to your message. I have been really busy with my cookbook and I still work full-time. So in between those things I really did not get any time to look at the website. But I respond to most messages on twitter @rishidesaii. Thank you very much for your support and wishes.


      • shsr

        Hey Rishi
        I am from India and I really want to become a chef. You have been a huge inspiration for me. Is it possible to get your autograph. I know it will be very though for you to send a photo here all the way so a scan of a photo with your autograph or even a type of letter written by you with your signature will do which you can scan and send to my mail ID.
        Thank You

  162. Lene Olsen

    Hey Rishi!
    I’ve been following your journey here from Norway. And I just saw the episode you were eliminated! You really deserved to win the title Masterchef, but for me you are the one and only MASTERCHEF. And I know that there is a whole bunch of people here in Norway that agrees with me! So keep going! Im cheering for you!
    Hug Lene

  163. Ohh rishi so sweet u replied. this is shreya. I just luvv my kolhapuri broda. I wish I could meet u. Cum soon to kolhapur. And pls pls pls reply me.

  164. Ganda

    Salutations from Denmark! I watched Masterchef Australia 2013 every single day the show has been on- and today they showed the episode where you got eliminated.. I got so mad I desired not to even bother watch the last episodes, it was so unfair! All the best hopes for a great future in cooking, you deserve it! Well cooked, Rishi!

  165. Kannagi Shanbag

    Hi rishi..
    we loved watching you cook on MC.
    Could you please come to Auckland, NZ for a cooking demonstration or anything like that :)


  166. Helge

    Hello Rishi. I just wanted to say that i watched every episode of Masterchef, and from the start i was hoping to see you win the title. You are such a positive and cool guy, with great skills in the kitchen. I specially remember the episode when you tried to make the snowman. Even though that was not your best day in the kitchen, it was so cool to see you try, and it was very entertaining:)All of your food looked so delicious! Anyway, i hope you will have success in the food buisness, you deserve that. Best regard from Helge, Norway:)

  167. Justin and Sam

    Hi Rishi, we are in England and are currently watching MCA, having read other people’s comments we have guessed you didn’t win :(
    We just wanted to say we are so impressed with your cooking and how you have consistently impressed the judges every single week. You also seem like a really nice person and we wish you all the best for your cooking career. We’re going to look out for your book in England! :)

    • Team Rishi

      Thank you Sam and Justin. The book comes to UK on 1 August…hopefully I can come there sometime soon too :)

  168. Hi Rishi,
    I am a great fan of yours and I wished that you could win the title of Masterchef.. You are just Awesome… :D

  169. Mithila

    Hi Rishi our all family is fan of you . you are a person with lot of talent in cooking.we were disappointed when you was eliminated from MC. may god bless you to continue you cooking journey in future we were glad about your first cook book. congratulation & good luck

  170. I am from America and have never eaten Indian food. Your butter chicken made me want to!
    I know that your season of MC ended awhile ago, but I’m just watching it now. (American MC is sad).
    Your personality is quite endearing and you seem to be an excellent chef. I hope that MC has helped in making your dreams come true!

    Best Wishes,
    p.s. Unlike that grumpy fellow, I don’t require a reply :)

    • Team Rishi

      Thanks Sallie. My dream is still a dream but with my book Modern Indian, I am one step closer.

  171. Maryam

    Hi Rishi.. I just recently started watching masterchef Australia and i am loving ur energy and creativeness in the kitchen and its soo inspiring!! Thank you for showing us that you can reach out for your dreams ~

  172. mette andersen

    Hey rishi. My name is mette from greenland. You were my favourite in masterchef and i think you should have won. Best luck from greenland :-)

  173. Rosalind Laaksonen

    Masterchef Australia 2013 finally made it to Finland this autumn, I was shocked to see you eliminated yesterday as you seemed to be the calmest in service challenges and I loved to see your delicious creations. I hope your book will be available over here soon. Good luck with your food endeavours – hope you find great success.
    Kind regards,
    Rosalind Laaksonen (curry-loving Brit living in Finland)

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